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Dextronet.Jsonie Namespace
The Dextronet.Jsonie namespace contains all the classes of the framework. Library uses flat namespace strucutre as it is very small and there is no need to make subnamespaces.
Public classJsonArray
Represents a JSON array.
Public classJsonBool
Represents a JSON boolean.
Public classJsonDecoder
Classes responsible for JSON decoding.
Public classJsonDecoderOptions
Options for JSON decoder.
Public classJsonEncoder
Classes responsible for JSON encoding.
Public classJsonEncoderOptions
Options for JSON encoder.
Public classJsonException
Thrown when error occurrs during JSON related processing.
Public classJsonFormatException
Thrown when decoded JSON string is invalid.
Public classJsonNumber
Represents a JSON number.
Public classJsonObject
Represents a JSON object.
Public classJsonParser
Static helper class for easy JSON encoding/decoding.
Public classJsonPrettyFormatWriter
Pretty format JSON writer. Makes JSON human-readable. Decorates underlying TextWriter.
Public classJsonString
Represents a JSON string. Internal value is never null.
Public classJsonValue
Base class for all JSON types except null which is represented also as null in .NET.
Public structureJsonDynamic
Dynamic wrapper around any JsonValue.